August 2, 2009

job hunting and Japanese level



- words & phrases -
就職(しゅうしょく)する: to get a job, job hunting
必(かなら)ず: surely
特(とく)に: especially
景気(けいき)が悪(わる)い: recession
応募(おうぼ)する: apply
最初(さいしょに)に: at first
書類(しょるい)選考(せんこう): selected with application materials
カギ: key
状況(じょうきょう): situation
特(とく)に: especially
欧米(おうべい)の方(かた): people from western countries
場合(ばあい): case
あたりまえ: nothing special, normal

When a non-Japanese person is seeking a job in Japan, Japanese level is required.
There are lots of people apply to one position these days due to the recent recession.
Companies are screened by application materials so the key is Japanese level.
For example, there are about 2000 applicants for an “IT Engineer with JLPT 2kyu”.
(It happened in last autumn, the current situations would not be the same.)
Our image having 2kyu is “great” for especially people from western countries but it became pretty “normal”.
Maybe, someday, students would be able to speak better Japanese than native Japanese speakers…!

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