August 11, 2009

耳かき専門店  ear cleaning salon



A young lady working for an ear cleaning salon was stubbed and her grandmother was killed last week.
The criminal was a frequent customer and always called her.
“Ear cleaning salon” is where you can get your ears cleaned and the customers can lie on the young female worker’s lap.
It costs about 3000yen per 30min.
He spent about 100,000 yen per month and sometimes stayed the place about 10 hours a day.
He misunderstood the lady liked him then he started to stalk her because she refused going out with him.
The workers can earn 3000yen per hour, some of them get over 500,000yen per month.I didn’t know anything about ear cleaning salons till this affair.
There are some shops that offer strange services in Japan.
Weird country…

ear cleaning salone

Sankei News

- words & phrases -
耳(みみ)かき: clean ears
専門店(せんもんてん): specialized store
~で働(はたら)く女性(じょせい): a woman who works for ~
祖母(そぼ): grandmother
殺傷(さっしょう)された: stabbed and killed
犯人(はんにん): criminal
常連客(じょうれんきゃく): regular customer, frequent customer
指名(しめい)する: ask the worker to get the service
膝枕(ひざまくら): to place one’s head on someone other’s lap
料金(りょうきん): fee
~と勘違(かんちが)いする: to get something wrong
断(ことわ)られた: to refuse, to deny
ストーカー行為(こうい)をする: to stalk someone
中(なか)には: some of them
稼(かせ)ぐ: to earn
事件(じけん): affair, case
不思議(ふしぎ)な: mysterious, strange, weird,


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