August 13, 2009

New JLPT Newsflash



As you have already known, new JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) will start from next year, 2010.
JLPT site announces a very big difference (only in Japanese now).

There are three parts, もじ・ごい, ちょうかい and どっかい that the current system has.
You can pass when total score is over 60% (Level 1 is 70%) even if some of them are less than 60%.
For example, someone who can get nearly 100% for listening, but he gets only 50% for reading comprehension part, still he can pass the test with the current system.

On the other hand, the new system requires to excess the certain percentage (will be informed in next year) all of them.

Is this good or bad for you?

As a teacher, it is good :)


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