August 28, 2009

妊婦(にんぷ)ヌード Maternity Nude 


It’s been a while since I update my Blog the last time, as I didn’t feel well and have been very busy.

I wrote about some grammars last time so I will write something totally different.... about “Maternity Nude” today.
Hitomi” is a popular singer/actress who released a new album called “Love Life 2” in June.
What surprised us was
its jacket, it is on her nude during her pregnancy.
(She has her first child last December.)

It is said that it is the most beautiful period for women when they are pregnant so she thought she wanted to have her photo on her new album jacket for her baby.
And also it became a trigger for lots of women who also want to feel like to take their naked photos for their families.

There are some photo shops started to take pregnant women’s nude photos.
Would you like to take your own maternity nude photos too???

Oh, by the way, I saved some Hitomi’s photos on
Photobucket for my Blog but they deleted one of them because it violated their terms of use.
All right, here is Hitomi’s photo.

MSN News

And these photos are from a photo shop that offers taking those photos.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Demi Moore is one of the most famous celebrities for maternity nude.     

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