July 29, 2009

ミスユニバース日本代表の衣装 the costume for Miss Universe Japan 2009


Currently the costume for Miss Universe Japan 2009 becomes a big issue.
Black Kimono and pink underwear and garter belt.
Not only Kimono or Obi belt distributers protest to the designer but also there are over 1000 complaining comments such as “Japan would be misunderstood” are left on the designer’s Blog.
What do you think about her outfit?

the costume for Miss Universe Japan 2009


- words & phrases -
日本代表(にほんだいひょう): representation from Japan
衣装(いしょう): costume
問題(もんだい)になっている: becomes a problem
黒(くろ)の着物(きもの): black kimono
下着(したぎ): underwear
帯(おび): obi belt for kimono
販売店(はんばいてん): delivery agent, distribution outlet
抗議(こうぎ): protest
AだけでなくB: not only A but also B
誤解(ごかい)する: misunderstand
件(けん): counter for matter or affair
残(のこ)されている: left

2006 Miss Universe Japan, won the second place
the costume was designed by the same designer

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