August 8, 2009

東京 Tokyo



Every time I go to central Tokyo, I feel like I am a traveler.
It would probably be the same feeling of the movie “Lost in Translation”.
Look at this fantastic movie here, I just cannot believe this is the place where I grew up and live now.

まるで Lost in Translation の映画のように。

- words & phrases -
中心地(ちゅうしんち): central area
(Verb dictionary form) + たびに: every time I do ~
~のようなNoun: it is like ~
素敵(すてき)な: great, wonderful, beautiful, (it is used for people too)
生(う)まれ育(そだ)つ: born and rased
信(しん)じられない: it is hardly to believe, cannot believe


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