July 12, 2009

what is your motivations for writing your blogs???

みなさん こんにちは!!

Why or what is your motivations for writing your blogs???

Here is the answers from 500 bloggers (multiple answers allows) :
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① motivations for writeing Blogs?

1. as a diary / not to forget for myself = 64.2%
  日記として / 自分が忘れないように
2. fun / like it / interesting = 55.2%
  楽しいから / 好きだから / おもしろいから
3. want to know someone who has the same interests or thoughts = 47.8%

② Regarding gender :

male = social perspective, for lots of people, want to provoke debate, want to get an attention
男性 = 社会的な視点による、多くの人へ、議論を起こしたいから、話題になりたい
female = for the same interests and to someone I know like friends or classmates
女性 = 同じ趣味の人・友達やクラスメートなど知っている人へ

③ Blog update : 

a couple of times per week = 34.4%
There are about 10% of women and teenagers write their blogs several times a day.

- words & phrases -
作成(さくせい): to make
動機(どうき): motivation
回答(かいとう): answers
複数(ふくすう)かいとう: multiple answers allows
日記(にっき): diary
忘(わす)れないように: ~ないようにする try not to ~
趣味(しゅみ): hobbies
考(かんが)え方(かた): the ways of thoughts
性別(せいべつ): gender
男性(だんせい)・女性(じょせい): male, female
社会的(しゃかいてき)な: social
視点(してん): aspect, point of view
議論(ぎろん): debate
議論を起(お)こす: to start debate
話題(わだい): topic of conversations
更新(こうしん): update
数回(すうかい): few times, several times
10代(だい): someone who is in their teenage
約(やく): about, around

What is yours?  :)


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