July 4, 2009

How to read 「日本」?

みなさん こんにちは!!

You must be surprised to hear this news.
On June 30th, how to read 「日本」 is approved in a Cabinet meeting, either “Nihon” and “Nippon” is fine.
There is no need to be standardized because both of them are widely used.

MSN News

- words & phrases -

政府(せいふ): government
閣議(かくぎ): a Cabinet meeting
決定(けってい)した: decided
いずれも: each one of them
通用(つうよう)する: be accepted
一方(いっぽう): one side
統一(とういつ)する: to unify, to standardize, to consolidate
必要(ひつよう): necessity

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