July 19, 2009

日食 (eclipse) on July 22nd (Wed) in Japan


みなさん こんにちは!

国立天文台 (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

You can see total eclipse of the sun in Japan southern area on July 22nd (Wed).
In Tokyo, partial eclipse starts from 10:00am till 12:30pm and 11:12 is the best.
It has been 46 years from the last one in 1963, the next will be in 26 years, 2035.
Hope the weather clears up!
By the way, it is very dangerous to see eclipse with black plastic sheet (used when you write) or CDs. Buy special glasses for eclipse (called Nisshoku Gurasu, 1500yen) to see it.



- words & phrases -
南方(なんぽう): south
皆既(かいき)日食(にっしょく): total eclipse of the sun
部分(ぶぶん)日食: partial eclipse of the sun
前回(ぜんかい): the last time
46年ぶり: it’s been 46 years since the last time
次回(じかい): the next time
26年後(ねんご): 26 years later
晴(は)れる: the weather clears up
~と+ いい(feeling): if the weather clears up, it would be nice
ところで: by the way
~ために: for
下敷(したじ)き:a sheet of plastic which is placed under a sheet of paper when one is writing
使うのは危険です: using it is dangerous
日食グラス: sunglasses which are made specially for eclipse
見(み)るようにする: try to see it
日食グラス(Nisshoku Gurasu) : Glasses to see eclipse


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