July 17, 2009


みなさん こんにちは!

One of our school’s students came late for his lesson yesterday because of his work.
I said to him “Your teacher has been waiting for you.”
Then he replied “I’ll have to make it up to her sometime.”
I felt his Japanese was very natural and very good.
Lots of students who take JLPT only think to pass it.
But even if they can pass 1kyu or 2kyu, it doesn’t make any sense if he/she cannot have a natural conversation with native Japanese speakers.
JLPT is not the purpose but results of your study, I think.


- words & phrases -
昨日(きのう): yesterday
1級(きゅう)を受(う)ける予定(よてい)の生徒(せいと)さん: a student who will take JLPT 1kyu
仕事(しごと)のため: because of his work
遅(おく)れてきた: he was late
待(ま)っていました: has been waiting for
今度(こんど): next time, sometime
埋(う)め合(あ)わせをする: make it up
自然(しぜん)で上手(じょうず): natural and very good
テストに受(う)かる: to pass the test
~だけ考(かんが)えている: thinking only ~
受かっても: even if you can pass the test
会話(かいわ)ができないなら: if you cannot have a conversation, then…
あまり意味(いみ)がない: it doesn’t make scence
結果(けっか): result


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