September 27, 2009

メタボ (metabolic syndrome)



“Japanese foods are considered to be healthy”, I think you have that image.
However, it is said that one out of five people are obese due to Western foods influence.

The word “Metabo” (short for metabolic syndrome) is newly created.
“Metabo” is a state of disease that will lead to heart disease or stroke and its main causes are obese, diabetes, high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia.

Gentlemen, if your waist size is over 90cm (35inch), trim excess fat!
Men’s underwear that makes you slim just wearing it is sold these days.


Wacoal men's underwear




- words & phrases -

日本食(にほんしょく): Japanese meal
欧米(おうべい)の: Western
影響(えいきょう)を受(う)ける: affected
5人に1人: one out of five
肥満(ひまん): obese
メタボリックシンドローム: metabolic syndrome
心臓病(しんぞうびょう): heart disease
脳卒中(のうそっちゅう): stroke, cerebral stroke
原因(げんいん): cause
病的(びょうてき)な状態(じょうたい): state of disease, pathological condition
糖尿病(とうにょうびょう): diabetes
高血圧(こうけつあつ): high blood pressure
高脂血症(こうしけっしょう): hyperlipidemia
最近(さいきん): lately, these days
男性用(だんせいよう): for men
やせる: slim down, lose weight
下着(したぎ): underwear
販売(はんばい)されている: be sold


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