September 22, 2009

村上春樹 「ノルウェイの森」 Haruki Murakami "Norwegian Wood"



It is perfect for reading books on a “long autumn night”.
I also read a book that I have wanted to read during this long holiday.

Do you know Japanese world famous writer Haruki Murakami?
I read one of his bestseller “Norwegian Wood (1987)” during this holiday.
I felt that it’s been a long time to find a book that I could be absorbed in reading.

By the way, this “Norwegian Wood” will be made into a movie directed by Tran Anh Hung who is Vietnamese French.
It will be released in next year autumn.
It is always said book is better than movie, I wonder how it will be.
Looking forward to it.





- words & phrases -

秋(あき)の夜長(よなが): long autumn night
読書(どくしょ): reading books
ぴったり: match, suit, perfect, good
この連休中(れんきゅうちゅう): during this holiday
読(よ)みたいと思(おも)っていた本(ほん): the book that I have wanted to read
世界的(せかいてき)に有名(ゆうめい)な: world famous
村上(むらかみ)春樹(はるき): Haruki Murakami writer
没頭(ぼっとう)する: devote oneself, in,
出会(であ)う: to meet unexpectedly
感想(かんそう): impression
ベトナム系(けい)フランス人(じん): French of Vietnamese ancestry
監督(かんとく): director
映画化(えいがか)される: be made into movie
公開(こうかい)予定(よてい): scheduled to be released
原作(げんさく): original (book)
よく言(い)われている: it is always said that



Anonymous said...


I am no Japanese but I read Murakami. I like his books though I haven't read Norwegian Wood yet. It is my next book-to-read. Currently, I am reading A Wild Sheep Chase.

I also read Kuroyanagi Tetsuko's Totto-chan, A Little Girl at the Window and Akutagawa Ryunosuke's Rashomon and other stories. Kappa will be next.

I hope to read more Japanese novelist such as Oe Kenzaburo, Soseki Natsume, Yoshimoto Banana among others.

So far, from the books I've read, Murakami's has a way of touching the very core of being human. And how I am so glad they're going to cast Matsuyama Ken'ichi. I love hime!

By the way, I found your blog from a friend's link. I am studying Japanese and glad I found your blog. よかった!

Mie's Blog said...

I do not watch Japanese TV or movies at all, so I do not know anything about Kenichi Matsuyama but he must be a good actor to be selected the main charactor of this such a famous movie.
You are so much interested in Japanese books, it would be great if you would be able to read them in Japanese someday!
Gambatte kudasai!