September 4, 2009

冷ます vs 冷やす 2


What are the differences between 「冷(さ)ます」 and 「冷(ひ)やす」?
Let’s take a look at the online Japanese dictionary that I also use quite often.

1 熱(あつ)い物(もの)の、熱(ねつ)を失(うしな)わせる。
To make something hot to cool it down.
“To cool the soup down.”

1 冷(ひ)えた状態(じょうたい)にする。つめたくする。
To make something to a cold condition state. To chill.
“Let’s put the beer into the fridge to chill.”

「冷ます」 is used for something hot now.

If you are not sure differences between two words when you checking in Japanese – English dictionary, for example, try check Japanese - Japanese dictionary too.



Liban said...

thank you, next time i will try to check the japanese <-> japanese dictionary also

Mie's Blog said...

gambatte kudasai!