October 17, 2010

もうすぐJLPT JLPT is coming soon



I have had some students who took JLPT 1kyu or 2kyu every year.
But I do not feel like JLPT is coming soon this year because I have only one student takes N3 this year, but it is in one month a little.
Gambatte kudasai for all of you take it!
I guess maybe you should start to practice past papers or practice exams in order to familiarize yourself with the exam.
If you do not know what the test looks like, you might write your correct answer in wrong way/place and lose your points.
It is a pity if you have an ability to pass it.
And make plans how long you should take on which questions considering your likes and dislikes or strong and weak abilities.

   毎年(まいとし): every year
   生徒(せいと)さん: students
   担当(たんとう)している: my students (in this context),
   person in charge
   今年(ことし): this year
   私(わたし)自身(じしん): myself
   あまり感(かん)じがしない: do not feel like
   あと1カ月(いっかげつ)ちょっと: a little bit more over one month
   受験(じゅけん)するみなさん: everybody who will take the exam
   そろそろ: it’s about time
   ~に慣(な)れる: familiar, get use to it
   ~ように: in order to
   過去(かこ)問題(もんだい): past exams
   予想(よそう)問題: practice exams, mockup exams
   始(はじ)める: to start
   実力(じつりょく)がある: have abilities
   ~ても: even if
   どんなテストなのか: what is the exam like
   ~がわからないと: if you do not know ~
   わかっているのに: even if you know it
   書(か)き方(かた): how to write
   間違(まちが)えたら: if you would make a mistake
   もったいない: what a pitty,
   また: or, and
   自分(じぶん)の: you
   得意(とくい)・不得意(ふとくい): likes and dislikes
   考(かんが)える: to think
   時間(じかん)をかける: takes time
   計画(けいかく)をたてる: make a plan


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