October 21, 2010

how to expand your Japanese vocabulary 日本語の語彙力をアップさせるのには


If I would ask you “how can I expand my English vocabulary?” I wonder what your answers are.
I think most of people would probably answer reading newspapers or books.
On the contrary, if one was asked how to build Japanese vocabulary then the answer is most likely “to study Kanji” if he is a Japanese teacher.
I think it is very systematic because you can learn 4-5 vocabulary when you study one Kanji,
And also you can study Kanji step-by-step because Kanji books are sorted from easy to difficult ones.

   もし~たら: if
   語彙力(ごいりょく): word-hoard, lit meaning “power of vocabulary”
   アップさせる: to increase, to make it higher
   答(こた)え: answer
   何(なん)でしょうか: politer/softer for「何ですか」
   多分(たぶん): probably, maybe
   新聞(しんぶん)や本(ほん)を読()む: to read newspapers or books
   ~と答える人: one who answer that
   多(おお)い: many
   ~と思(おも)います: I think that
   反対(はんたい)に: on the other hand, on the contrary
   日本語(にほんご): the Japanese Language
   聞()かれたら: if I am asked
   日本語教師(きょうし)なら: if he/she is a Japanese teacher
   間違(まちが)いなく: definitely, lit meaning is “there are no mistakes”
   漢字(かんじ)を勉強(べんきょう)する: to study Kanji
   難(むずか)しい: difficult
   AからBになる: becomes from A to B

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