March 28, 2011

The Japanese road repaired SIX days after it was destroyed by quake


Sorry for not to be able to update my blog.
I do not write many things but the earthquake on March 11th was really hard.
I really hope everything would be able to be back to before like this road.

Mail Online

   更新(こうしん): update
   色々(いろいろ)な: various, lots of
   書(か)きません: do not write
   地震(じしん): earthquake
   本当(ほんとう)に: really
   大変(たいへん): hard, difficult
   早(はや)く: soon
   道路(どうろ): roads
   前(まえ)の: before
   状態(じょうたい): condition, status
   戻(もど)れる: potential form, can be back
   ~を願(ねが)っています: hope ~

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Japan Australia said...

Yes, I remember seeing this story in the news a few days back and I thought how amazing to be able to repair it so quickly!!

ganbare Japan!!

Japan Australia