July 31, 2010

成田空港出国ラッシュ  Narita Airport, Massive exodus



成田空港 夏休み「海外で充電」…出国ラッシュがピーク
7月31日10時38分配信 毎日新聞

Narita Airport, Massive exodus
Recharge in overseas during summer holidays

Narita Airport Check-in Counter, on July 31st


 Mainichi Shimbun News 

The number of departing people who spend their summer holidays in overseas at Narita International Airport peaked on 31st, July.
There are about 47,700 people leave Japan at Narita only the day.
According to the Narita International Airport Cooperation, oversea trips rise in demand because the economy is picking up.
During the summer holidays (July 15th – Aug. 31st), expecting 5.3% increases comparing last year, 3.8 million people travel.
It excess 2008 summer, before Lehman’s fall.

- words & phrases -

成田空港(なりたくうこう): Narita Airport
夏休(なつやす)み: summer holidays
海外(かいがい): overseas
充電(じゅうでん): recharge one’s batteries
出国(しゅっこく): to depart
ラッシュ: rush
過(す)ごす: to spend
旅行客(りょこうきゃく): travelers
ピークを迎(むか)えた: to peak
成田国際(こくさい)空港: Narita International Airport
千葉県(ちばけん)成田市(なりたし): Narita-City, Chiba-prefecture
この日(ひ)だけで: only the day
約(やく)4万(まん)7700人(にん): about 47,700 people
旅立(たびだ)つ: to depart
成田航空会社(かいしゃ): Narita International Airport Cooperation
景気(けいき): economic conditions, economic environment
持(も)ち直(なお)して: come out of a slump, pick up
需要(じゅよう)が 高(たか)まり: rise in demand
増加(ぞうか): increase
近場(ちかば): closer place,
リゾート地(ち): resort area, holiday resort
人気(にんき): popular
期間(きかん): duration, period
出入国者数(しゅつにゅうこくしゃすう): the number of entry and departure people
前年比(ぜんねんひ): year to year comparison
5.3%(ごうてんさんパーセント)増(ぞう): 5.3% up
381万(まん)2300人: 3,812,300 people
リーマン・ショック直前(ちょくぜん): just before Lehman’s fall
上回(うわま)る: excess
水準(すいじゅん): level
予想(よそう)している: expecting

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