July 2, 2010

the first new JLPT on Sunday, July 4th 2010  7月4日に新しいJLPTが行われます



The first new JLPT will be held on this Sunday.
Its passing score will be announced in September.

It must be hard especially for you from Uruguay, Ghana, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Chile, Paraguay and Spain as there are the World Cup games on Friday and Saturday.

For one who takes N1 or N2, Vocabulary/Grammar/Reading are in the same part and have 110min (N1) and 105min (N2).
All of you have strong and weak points, also the scores for reading and grammar is not the same, there is no common “the best way” for everyone.
Start from what you are good at.
It is going to be a fight against time.
It must be very hard to take the test not to lose your concentration for about 2 hours.
If possible, go to bed early (not to watch the succor games ^^) the day before, eat breakfast a lot, also eat power bar, banana or chocolate during the break for brain energy charge.
Because another one hour for listening comprehension is waiting for you.
Gambatte kudasai!




- words & phrases -

いよいよ: finally
今度(こんど)の日曜日(にちようび): this Sunday
合格(ごうかく)基準(きじゅん): passing score/mark
行(おこな)われます: be held
試合(しあい): match, game
受験(じゅけん)する方(かた): one who takes an exam
含(ふく)まれている: be included
得意(とくい)・不得意(ふとくい): likes and dislikes, strong and weak points
~し~ので: reason connective
共通(きょうつう)する: common
一番(いちばん)いい方法(ほうほう): the best way/method
とにかく: anyway
時間(じかん)との戦(たたか)い: fight/battle/struggle against time
集中力(しゅうちゅうりょく): concentration, concentration power
切(き)らさないで: not to lose
テストを受(う)ける: take a test
とても大変(たいへん)だ: very hard
できれば: if you can
当日(とうじつ): on the day
しっかり食(た)べる: eat a lot, eat a full meal,
休憩時間(きゅうけいじかん): break time

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