July 24, 2010

きょうも暑い It’s another hot day today.


Let’s read the Internet article today.

It’s another hot day today.
Super hot day with temperatures exceeding 35C, 4 days in row.

7月24日12時37分配信 読売新聞
July 24th, Yomiuri Shimbun


The powerful Pacific anticyclones overlies the whole Japan islands again today, the temperature went up from the morning.
Four straight extremely hot days calls “Mosho-bi”, the highest temperature goes over 35C, equals the longest record in recorded history in Otemachi, Tokyo.
And other places went over 30C which is called “Manatsu-bi”.

- words & phrases -

暑(あつ)い: hot
東京(とうきょう)大手町(おおてまち): Tokyo, Otemachi
猛暑日(もうしょび): extremely hot day, the highest temperature goes over 35C
4日連続(れんぞく): 4 days in row
読売新聞(よみうりしんぶん): Yomiuri Shimbun
日本列島(にほんれっとう): Japan islands, the Japanese archipelago
各地(かくち): in various locations
勢力(せいりょく): power, potent
太平洋高気圧(たいへいようこうきあつ): high-pressure system in the Pacific Ocean
覆(おお)われて: be covered
気温(きおん): (air) temperature
観測史上(かんそくしじょう): in recorded history
最長(さいちょう)記録(きろく) に並(なら)ぶ: equal the longest record
真夏日(まなつび): extremely hot day, the highest temperature goes over 30C

The rods and buildings also get hot in Tokyo because it is covered by concrete and it is humid, you would feel much higher than the temperature.

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