March 9, 2010

JLPT 2010 New Information 2



2010 July JLPT, the exam will start in the afternoon!
Maybe you could study till late at night the day before for overnight cramming.
Its passing mark still has not been announced yet, the application starts from March 26th till April 30th.
For JLPT July exam is N1 – N3 only, will be held in Japan and some oversea countries.


- words & phrases -

試験(しけん)時間(じかん): exam schedule time
前日(ぜんじつ): the day before
一夜漬(いちやづ)け: overnight cramming, hasty cramming
遅(おそ)くまで: till late at night
大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)かも: omitted かもしれません, maybe it would be ok
合格点(ごうかくてん): passing mark
発表(はっぴょう)になっていません: has not been announced yet
申(もう)し込(こ)み: to apply, application
日本国内(にほんこくない): in Japan
一部(いちぶ)の海外(かいがい)の国(くに): some oversea countries

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