October 9, 2009

台風18号 Melor


yphoon #18, which had been said the biggest one for the past decade, hit Japan.On 8th morning in Tokyo, Yamanote Lines and other trains stopped that affected lots of people.
Itoyokado (one of the major supermarkets) is going to sell the fallen apples about half price, 198yen for 4-6 apples.

- words & phrases –過去(かこ)10年間(ねんかん): for the past decade最大(さいだい): the biggest ~と言(い)われた: it is said that ~台風(たいふう)18号(ごう): typhoon #18~を襲(おそ)う: hit, atacck 山手線(やまのてせん): Yamanote Line運休(うんきゅう)する: not to run利用客(りようきゃく): customers影響(えいきょう)が出(で)た: affectedイトーヨーカ堂(どう): one of the major supermarkets 落下(らっか)したリンゴ: fallen apples1袋(ふくろ): 1 bag4~6個(こ)入(い)り: 4-6 apples in a bagいつもの半額(はんがく): half price of usual販売(はんばい)する: sell

JR Ueno station, on Yamanote Line, trains are stopped

People are waiting for the buses.

The strong wind caused a lot of damages.

fallen apples

毎日新聞(Mainichi Newspaper) online news

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