January 21, 2011

ニンテンドー3DS reservation started today, 20th Jan



Let’s read an Internet article today.
“Nintendo 3DS” which is a Nintendo potable game player (listed price is 25,000yen) is scheduled to go on sale on Feb 26th 2011.
The reservation started on Jan 20th today at game stores or electronics retail shops and others.
Some people already showed up in front of those shops around midnight in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and more than 50people were queuing after 6am on the 20th.

Rocket News 24


   発売(はつばい): be released
   予定(よてい)されている: be scheduled to go on sale
   任天堂(にんてんどう): Nintendo
   携帯型(けいたいがた)ゲーム機(き): portable game player
   定価(ていか): regular price, listed price
   全国(ぜんこく): whole of country,
   家電量販店(かでんりょうはんてん): electronics retail stores
   ゲーム販売店(はんばいてん): game stores
   予約(よやく)受付(うけつけ): to accept reservation
   東京(とうきょう)・新宿(しんじゅく): Shinjuku in Tokyo
   深夜(しんや): late at night
   店舗(てんぽ)の前(まえ): in front of the shops
   並(なら)ぶ人(ひと): people queuing
   現(あらわ)れた: show up
   午前(ごぜん)6時(じ)過(す)ぎ: after 6am
   50人(にん)以上(いじょう)の人たち: over 50 people
   列(れつ)をなす: queue up

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