February 28, 2010

東京マラソン 2010 Tokyo Marathon 2010



We will read a news today.
Tokyo marathon which has started in 2007 is a very popular race so there are ten times people apply to its quorum.


- words & phrases -

読(よ)んでみましょう: let’s try to read a news
始(はじ)まった: started
人気(にんき)のある: very popular
大会(たいかい): race (in this context)
定員(ていいん): quota, quorum
10倍(ばい): 10 times
応募(おうぼ)する: to apply

<東京マラソン>雨の中のレース 3万182人が完走
2月28日20時48分配信 毎日新聞


- words & phrases -

3万(まん)182人(にん): 30,182 people
完走(かんそう): run the whole course
東京都(とうきょうと): The Tokyo Metropolitan Government
主催(しゅさい): host
市民(しみん): citizen
国内外(こくないがい): in and outside of Japan, from home and abroad
選手(せんしゅ): (sports) player, runner (in this news)
都心(としん): central of Tokyo
繁華街(はんかがい): busy downtown area, entertainment district
臨界(りんかい)地区(ちく): 東京都お台場地区(Tokyo Odaiba Area
駆(か)け抜(ぬ)けた: ran through
銀座(ぎんざ): Ginza (Shopping district)
浅草(あさくさ): Asakusa (Old downtown)
東京ビッグサイト: Tokyo Big Sight
江東区(こうとうく): Koto ward
石原(いしはら)慎太郎(しんたろう)都知事(とちじ): Shintaro Ishihara, the governor of Tokyo
号砲(ごうほう): signal gun
都庁(とちょう)前(まえ): in front of Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall
新宿区(しんじゅくく): Shinjuku ward
制限時間(せいげんじかん)内(ない)に: within the time limit


Tokyo Marathon - 30,182 people could run 42.195km -

Tokyo Marathon 2010 (hosted Tokyo Metoropolitan and others) has been taken place on 28th, there are about 35,000 people from inside and out of Japan ran through central Tokyo.
It is a full-marathon course, they started from Tokyo City Hall with the gun signal by Shintaro Ishihara, the governer of Tokyo, ran through Ginza, Asakusa and Tokyo Big Sight which is its goal.
30,182 people, 94.1%, ran within 7 hours which is the time limit.

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