December 30, 2009

スーザン・ボイル  Susan Boyle


Susan Boyle, Scottish diva, arrived at Narita yesterday.
It is her first visit to Japan.
She will sing as a guest singer in a NHK TV program called “Kohaku Utagassen” which is aired on the New Year’s Eve every year.
I am not found of it personally but I am very much looking forward to her singing.
There is only one day left in this year, 2009.
How was the year for you?

AFP News

彼女は明日31日のテレビ番組、毎年おおみそかに放映されるNHK 紅白歌合戦にゲスト出演して、あのすばらしい歌声を披露してくれます。

- words & phrases -

歌姫(うたひめ): ディーヴァ(diva)
成田(なりた): Narita International Airport
到着(とうちゃく)した: arrived at
初来日(はつらいにち): first visit to Japan
テレビ番組(ばんぐみ): TV program
おおみそか: new year’s eve
放映(ほうえい)される: will be airing
NHK: Nippon Hoso Kyokai = The Japanese public broadcasting corporation
紅白(こうはく)歌合戦(うたがっせん): an annual music show on New Year’s Eve produced by NHK
ゲスト出演(しゅつえん): guest staring
歌声(うたごえ): voice, singing
披露(ひろう)する: thrown down, exhibit
個人的(こじんてき)に: personally
あまり好(す)きではない: あまり+V/Adj negative = not really
楽(たの)しみにしている: I have been looking forward to


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