November 14, 2009

President Obama arrived in Japan



President Obama arrived in Japan yesterday.
It is the first time for him to visit Japan.
After the speech about policies related to Asia in the morning, he have a luncheon party with the Emperor and the Empress and then will go to Singapore.
President Obama said about his travel story when he was little, “I was really into Match (Green tea) ice cream more than fabulous Buddha statues when my mother took me to Kamakura.”


Mainichi Shimbun news 



- words & phrases -

大統領(だいとうりょう): the President of the United States
初(はつ)来日(らいにち): first visit to Japan
アジア政策(せいさく): policies related to Asia
演説(えんぜつ): speech
天皇(てんのう) 皇后(こうごう) 両陛下(りょうへいか): The Emperor and The Empress
昼食会(ちゅうしょくかい): luncheon party
少年(しょうねん)時代(じだい): boyhood
母親(ははおや): mother
連(つ)れられて: passive, be taken by
鎌倉(かまくら): Kamakura
訪(おとず)れる: to visit
仏像(ぶつぞう): Buddha statue
抹茶(まっちゃ)アイスクリーム: Green tea ice-cream
気(き)を取(と)られる: take all one’s concentration


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