June 26, 2009

Japanese sweets

Minasan Konnichiwa!

I have “How to of the day” on my “iGoogle” and found out this morning there is “
How to make Strawberry Mochi Daifuku (Japanese sweet)”.
I felt “why now?” because strawberry's season is over.

Japan is an agricultural country which grows rice from ancient of time.
Sowing seeds in the Spring, transport them into rice fields in the Summer and harvest in the Autumn.
The life in Japan, all of the events in the year take place accordance with rice growing schedule.
This is why the sense of season is still close to Japanese people and culture.
We are expecting see something in its season, for example, we would like to see something related strawberries in spring but not in June.

Having said that, this いちご大福 looks nice and tasty.
Maybe you should try it if you had a chance to come to Japan in spring! but not in June :)


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