June 29, 2009

Google Sites


Minasan Konnichiwa!

I have been thinking about having a website which is mainly about Japanese grammars and also keep blogging which is about recent news.

Because Yahoo 360 is just a blog so it is not well organized when you want to look up old grammar entries.

But I just haven’t had chances to try because I am always busy.
Since Yahoo 360 closes on July 13th, I thought this is the best time to do it.

And actually Google started a new service, Google Sites, free webpage and for someone doesn’t know well about how to create webpage like me :)

So I have been working on my Google Sites but still I need some more time.
I could import almost all grammar points and now importing news section.

It does not look great yet, but if you would like to take a look at it, you are more than welcome !
You can see all entries when you go to the “Site Map” and click “サイトマップ".


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