June 28, 2009

目で勉強する人 &  耳で勉強する人 One who study with his eye or with his ear


みなさん こんにちは!!

I have noticed that there are two different types of students, one is to study Japanese with their ears and the other one is with their eyes.

Some students are very good at conversation but some of them do not like Kanji so much.
I was always surprised how much people can study languages only with their ears.
When I introduce an upper intermediate level textbook which I thought suits him who speaks very good Japanese but find out he cannot read most of the Kanji in it.
He doesn’t have any problems when he listens the CDs which come with the book.

On the other hand, some people love to study Kanji so he knows very difficult Kanji.
Again his conversation level doesn’t reach his Kanji level.

Teachers expect all of the skills, read/speak/listen/write, of Japanese languages are the same.
Hope you study everything and keep the balance well.


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